Pioneer from a village with a vision

To escape inertia in his formative years he founded New Life Fun Club. When he acknowledged his numerous limitations as an athlete, he founded Radio TNT, now TUT FM.It is in Radio that Hector Motivator found his element. At a much younger age due to lack of experience he was not looked upon favourably by the then Mmabatho based Radio Bop. He then pursued his studies at Technikon Northern Transvaal (TNT), now Tshwane University of Technology. After graduating from TNT he returned to Radio Bop armed with the experience he had amassed at Radio TNT. He was an instant success. However, Radio only scratched the surface when it comes to the range of Hector’s talents. Radio was the catalyst that made him cognizant of his true calling. He was born to motivate. There are not enough superlatives or adjectives in the English language to describe the effect that he has on the people he motivates. His convictions come from the abyss of his soul and it is this sincerity that resonates with his audience. If one has to attempt to describe him with single words, the following would most likely come to mind;

*Succinct   * Sincere      * Surreal   * Sensitive   * Sexy

<h2>1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3</h2>

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Motivational Speaker

His mission is to equip his audiences with skills for self-motivation and goal achievement. His energetic and unorthodox presentation style has endeared him to many of his loyal clients for more of his offerings. Two things are always sure to happen when Hector is on stage: laughter and learning. Click here for topics

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Program Director/MC

He is a professional all-rounder conference/seminar speaker. Has an out most sense of humour. He continues to keeps the delegates bubbling with energy, enthusiasm and is totally in command. When working as your MC, Hectormotivator has a primary objective – to make your event memorable for all the right reasons. As a professional this is where he succeeds: Click Here…

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Team Builder

From his early days as a motivational speaker Hector has often been requested to give talks on team work at different team building getaways. His talks often challenged and helped teams and this gave him confidence to offer full team building facilitation as one of his company offerings.